Terms and Conditions

1st Chichester Storage
Terms and Conditions
1st Chichester Storage is a subsidiary of David Rusbridge and Partners who are the owners and operators of the storage units sited at Marsh Farm Earnley.
The Customer is any individual or individuals who agree either verbally or in writing to hire one or more storage units from 1st Chichester Storage.
A storage unit is an ex shipping container sited at Marsh farm Earnley, each unit is supplied with a security key associated with that container.

Storage rules and terms of hire

  1. A deposit is paid by customers for the key supplied with each unit.  The deposit is returnable upon surrender of the key at the end of the hire period.   The key and locking mechanism remains the property of 1st Chichester Storage.
  2. Each unit remains the property of 1st Chichester Storage at all times
  3. The agreed rent for any calendar month becomes due on the first day of that month.
  4. 1st Chichester Storage retains the right to enter any unit where rent is overdue, remove and dispose of the contents. There will normally be a period of grace before any such action is taken. Any period of grace is at the discretion of 1st Chichester Storage.
  5. In the event of a customer ending their hire period during a fully paid month, at the discretion of  1st Chichester Storage, a pro rata refund will be given along with the return deposit of the key.
  6. 1st Chichester Storage retains the right to enter any storage unit at any time, for emergency reasons. E.g. Fire, electricity faults, leakage of stored materials, etc.
  7. Customers are responsible for any damage caused to a unit other than wear and tear.
  8. 1st Chichester Storage will not be held responsible for damage, deterioration or theft of goods deposited in any of its units.
  9. Additional security may be used on the containers on the understanding that these will be removed by 1st Chichester Storage in the event that it becomes necessary to enter that unit. 1st Chichester Storage will not be held liable for damage caused to any additional security apparatus.
  10. It is not permitted to store noxious substances, inflammable liquids, explosives or firearms in any units. It is recommended that foodstuffs are not stored. Please discuss individual requirements at the time of hire
  11. 1st Chichester Storage retains the right both to charge interest on overdue accounts and to charge for debt collection costs incurred.
  12. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). 1st Chichester Storage holds customer information for the purposes of invoicing and communication associated with storage only. Banking information is only used for the purposes of refunding monies that may be owed to customers, such information is only held for a short time for immediate repayments and any follow-up repayments that may be required following overpayment errors.  Any information held is in encrypted form.  1st Chichester Storage does not take card payments or collect Direct Debits, no card or CCV information is asked for. No information is ever shared with third parties.

1st Chichester Storage requests that rubbish is not left at the storage site before during or at the end of hire.
By far the best method of payment is by Standing Order, this prevents accounts becoming inadvertently overdue and saves having to chase customers for late payment. Please rest assured that if at the end of hire if any money is owed back to the customer or an STO is not cancelled in time, your money will be quickly refunded. Internet payments are also convenient, leaving a clear audit trail.

David Rusbridge for and on behalf of 1st Chichester Storage